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journal recovery complete

2017-07-09 00:22:10 by post-intellectual

oh look, another mysterious hotshot has joined the site with their sentences devoid of capital letters and all; i thought that only mature people would stay here. y'know, the snarky kind of gamer who's probably either in the us or some post-commie eastern-european country and playing tf2 or some other shooter crap from steam, ring any bells? why's this kid bringing their mental issues with 'em and uploading trashy images as if there's hordes of screaming teenagers who think this is a microblogging service? are they seriously 13 and do i have to put their arse on kiwifarms and maybe /baphomet/ too? -oh come on mum i'm busy schooling someone because my corner of the internet is important! so what if i can't afford my own house? i'm an adult, right?


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2017-07-09 00:23:04

and tbh 'being a nobody' is what gives me quite a bit of power